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What keys can't fit in your pant pockets?

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Don-keys and mon-keys! ha!  :P

BTW, i think i'm giving up on Linux.
No matter which version I've tried, they all have some hick (especially with peripherals).
Windows 7 is just too hard to beat!

Don-keys and mon-keys! ha!  :P
-dantheman (November 13, 2013, 08:33 AM)
--- End quote ---

Played more straight up:
Building key, Apt Key, Brother's Building and Co-Op Key, Post Office key, storage locker key, animal totem ring, key to mom's house at home, car key, two bike lock keys, and about five more!
 :tellme:  :)

Keyser Söze

Stoic Joker:
Key West

I was thinking "the key to my heart" and "the key to the city."  Of course there's Key Biscayne.  I've been in Miami  since February and I still haven't tried out Biscayne Beach.  Hey!! One way bus ride is $2.25 now!!  :)


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