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Kickstarter for Boardgamers


One thing that I've noticed is that storage for board games is just the same thing.  No matter how nice the bits and bobs are... you're left with a cardboard box to store them.  I use fishing tackle boxes for some things and they work... but really, you'd think that there would be something better.

Board Game Storage Chests, Tokens, Inserts & More

It's already reached the goal.  There are more assortments than I can adequately explain.

My negatives in my decisions on whether to buy or not (I haven't decided, as cool as it is)

1. The amount pledged is way above what was asked for.  Scaling is a problem with Kickstarters.
2. First created kickstarter.
3. No facebook linked.
4. It has a website (positive) but looks recently put together as the first article is only a month ago.

I'll probably get in on the lower pledge levels.  Just thought that someone might be interested, though I did want to throw in my thinking.

6 days to go as of now...

That's a decent start, and they seem to have a legit concept. Some thoughts:

1. Chess. When you start to get into the larger tournament sets, chess pieces can get cumulatively rather large. So one of the designs with an "even" number of boxes might work - pawns then pieces X 2 colors is 4, or pawns x 2 and pieces x 2 times 2 colors = 8.

2. Magic the Gathering
I retired a decade ago, but Back In The Day, I'd have between three and ten decks built with up to twenty idea fragments all in progress. So the "disparaged" rubber bands was how I did it. For this box you'd need a ton of dividers then work out the spacing what "deck + sideboard + the cards you might throw in at the last minute in the car". Then even smaller slots for "half built ideas". Their design would do it, I just haven't calculated the cost of the dividers because you'd need a LOT.

(Heh - back in the day I did it with Harry & David Christmas Fruit boxes, labeled by category with a marker!)


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