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Windows Phone 8 (lumia 920) vs. Android 4.4 Kitkat (Nexus 5)

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Fred Nerd:
And sadly Google has announced it won't be getting OS updates anymore, so it may be time to get a Nexus 5 soon. (c:
--- End quote ---

KitKat is meant to be designed for lower spec phones and should speed everything up again. Google isn't releasing it for the earlier phones, by there's custom ROMs out there already.
I might have to try one. I'll have to kill the phone manually to get a new one.

Actually I lost it a while back, and my best bet to replace it was an identical one 2nd hand for $90. Why pay more?

Boy...I have been tweaking away on the android.  I have such a sweet setup going currently.  Lots of great previews of emails messsages, etc, all over the place, quick access to contacts, shortcuts for controls.  Man, I miss tweaking.  If Windows Phone allowed this kind of tweaking it would be even better, but sadly they won't anytime soon.  Also, all these things are available because so many people are using android.  So windows has a loooong way to go.  I'm even using a couple of hacks not in the official store, stuff like that is amazing.


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