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Looking For Realtime Graphical Folder Size Monitor w/ User-Configurable Updates

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I have a very slow laptop and installing s/w is a major ordeal.  It literally takes a whole day sometimes.  I cannot afford any upgrades at this time.  Therefore I am looking for a folder size monitor that will graphically display the size of a folder which will have a user-definable update interval and can be switched to be kept on top of other windows, if necessary.

Can this be coded in AHK (I might try to build it myself *if* it is simple)?

Are there already s/w (hopefully freeware) that will do what I want?  I tried doing a search, but was overwhelmed and got really confused and frustrated (happens more often lately).

Thanks in advance.

If it didn't need to be graphical:

I could probably add an option to keep the window on top.

BTW, "realtime" and "user-defined" seem a bit mutually exclusive to me  :)

If it didn't need to be graphical:
-4wd (November 10, 2013, 09:23 AM)
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I can live without graphics.  FolMon's present display should be adequate.  Trialing it as we speak, but having issues (see "FolMon" thread).

I could probably add an option to keep the window on top.

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That would be appreciated.  :)

BTW, "realtime" and "user-defined" seem a bit mutually exclusive to me  :)

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I'm sure this was clever and informative, but I don't understand? I have a gimpy noodle sometimes. :-[

Thanks for the help.

Generally speaking:
Real-time means that the software is continuously busy updating whatever info it generates, without (a need for) user interaction. Windows services are a good example of real-time software.

Software that uses user specified intervals is by definition not real-time.

There is software that uses a mix-and-match of these concepts (of course), but explaining that is out of the scope from the question.   :P

Crap, I forgot to mention the software I use to find out where all the space on my hard disks goes. SpaceSniffer gives a nice graphical overview and uses  (some) windows explorer functionality to clean up disks. I like the graphical concept it uses. It doesn't support user intervals per se, but together with the Windows Task scheduler there should be options.

Try it and see for yourself, it's a 1.5MByte download and freeware.

Shades - Thanks for the explanation.  Looks like I wanted to paint the *whole* house white with the option to paint different parts another color.  Tolja I had a gimpy brain.  It gets creative at times.   :-[
Also, thanks for the link.  I'll check it out.   


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