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"Erroneous" node being automatically produced

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Happy Expat:
As a newbie I messed up the link. See below for the replacement

Happy Expat:
I've just noticed from watching the video again that the second cut & paste - with the node open "picks up" the attributes from the the second node below in addition to replicating the erroneous node.
That is it contains both the active utilities objects and the active software objects.
Now that's pushing the envelope!

Happy Expat:
Let's try again - here's the download link. Let me know if I should embed the video instead.

Ok I watched the video -- thank you for taking the time to make that -- that makes things quite clear.

What a strange bug -- and one i need to fix immediately -- I'll try to have a new release out this week.

By the way, that's an awesome accent and speaking voice -- I almost felt like i was listening to David Attenborough narrate a wildlife documentary.

Happy Expat:
It was my first attempt so it felt like I was facing down a tiger. :Thmbsup:


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