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"Erroneous" node being automatically produced

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Happy Expat:
WIN XP(SP3) 32 bit - LBC 1.137.01
If I attempt to add (DRAG) Shortcuts for documents held in another user account directly into a FOLDER node on the active LB in the currently active user account, it produces an "Access violation at address 00417236 in module 'LBC.exe'. Read of address 0000008E." I assume this is correct because I shouldn't really be able to do it - the shortcut should go into the target folder to which the node refers - I realised I was actually making an erroneous attempt in the first place. However, if the same shortcut is dragged to the same FOLDER Node in the opened Configuration pane, which would also be the same error, then it produces a new Node which is a copy of the node immediately below the target including all the elements within the "copied" node. This "NEW" node being inserted between the erroneous target and the copied node. In this instance the copied node was a MENU node, I haven't tried to simulate the error with all possible node permutations.

Hmm, sounds like we have a bug somewhere.. An Access Violation error is never the correct behavior :)
I may have to try to send you a debug version to help me pinpoint the issue.
I didn't fully understand what you were saying happens in the second case..

Happy Expat:
Ok. I'll also run the whole scenario again taking screen dumps to illustrate. Or would you prefer a desktop video like some of the ones I have seen posted by you?
What package did you use for yours?

Happy Expat:
The access violation error never occurred again so it's probably a local environment glitch.
Just tried twice to attach a video demonstrating the feature but the forum server keeps dropping me.
The .avi file is 24.6 MB, could that be some kind of file size violation? Is there another way to get it to you?

yeah that's too big for a forum attachment.
can you upload it to one of the free hosting sites or maybe ?

The access violation error never occurred again so it's probably a local environment glitch.
--- End quote ---
More likely it's a bug in the program that is just hard to trigger.


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