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When LBC is active opening new windows causes the system launchbar to flash


Happy Expat:
WIN XP(SP3) 32 bit LBC 1.137.01.
System launchbar docked along left edge of screen and autohiding.
LBC docked along left edge of screen reserving space.
When a window is opened on the desktop (double clicking any Folder shortcut) and the hidden System Launchbar is activated by mouseover it flashes four times on its first activation.
Re-activating the system launchbar without changes to the desktop does not produce further flashing.
Opening another Window (again, double click any folder shortcut) produces a new window ON TOP which again causes the System launchbar to flash four times when activated by mouseover.
Again, re-activating the system launchbar without changes to the desktop does not produce further flashing.
Open another window and voilla, a flashing system launchbar.
The flashing is definitely associated with windows opening or being activated/moved to the top layer. Even if the windows are small enough not to overlap, the latest window is still considered to be new to the top layer and therefore causes the flashes.
The effect does not occur when the LBC is docked on any edge away from the system launchbar.
There must be a logical reason for it always to be four flashes - probably related to the number of active virtual areas on the system launchbar; Windows Button, Quick Launch Bar, Message Bar & Activity Bar.  If there were more toolbars active, then I am certain there would be more epileptic triggers :).
Should this be considered a bug, or a feature requiring an advisory note, to avoid the system launchbar location with LBC docks?

Hmm. that is really strange, i'm having a hard time picturing it.
It does sound like it's an issue with something triggering the refreshing of the windows.

Happy Expat:
As it's not particularly destructive I'd be inclined to recommend LBC never be dccked along the same edge as an autohide Win XP launcher. There's no problem when the XP launcher is static, but I also don't know if the same phenomenon occurs with Vista or 7.
I'm gonna buy me something with a haswell core i7 & windows 8. That should solve the problem  :)


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