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System functions not being correctly copied

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Happy Expat:
WIN XP(SP3) 32bit
LBC 1.137.01
When a desktop shortcut to Shutdown.exe is created, switches are appended to the end:
"shutdown -s -t 00" for shutdown
"shutdown -r -t 00" for reboot
"shutdown -l -t 00" for logoff
when these shortcuts are dragged to LBC the switches are not copied.
Would that be a feature or a bug?

On my win8.1 surface the parameters are copied,
however the icons are not copied.

That sounds like a bug expat -- can you tell me what option you choose when you drop it?

Happy Expat:
I simply "Copy Shortcut Properties".
As identified in one of my other submissions, the three functions require individual authorisation as opposed to a "yes to all" option

Can you give me an example screenshot of the right-click properties dialog of pne of the desktop shortcut showing the commandline parameters?


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