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Bought 128gb SSD (cheap) non standard connector - landfill?


NOTE: I no longer have the SSD - I sold this device several years back

A while back I picked up an 128gb SSD off ebay for £5 - I knew that there may be something odd about it, or that it may not work at all but figured it was worth the punt.

It was recovered from a Lenovo Ideapad U300s Ultrabook and has a non-standard connector.

In order to use it in my desktop I would need to convert the connector to standard SATA - is there any hope of doing this? What would I need?

The SSD itself is just a small PCB wrapped in tape.
It has stickers with various serial / model numbers...
11534497 - 436

There is a flat ribbon cable, again wrapped in a sticky tape, with a tiny plastic connector at each end (I don't recognise it as any standard connector).
It has a label...
P/N: 1414-06GV000
Wanshih 2012/03/13

The ribbon cable contains 14 tiny copper wires, of which 4 have a red tinted colour.

The connector has 20 tiny pins.

Thanks for any pointers :)

I am not sure, but one of the following may help:

Feel free to buy one dirt cheap somewhere else, after confirming the type of adapter you need.  ;)

I'd guess that it's a standard (m)SATA data/power connection but munged to be in a proprietary format so that people are forced to return to a Lenovo agent for any, (over-priced), parts/repairs - the same thing Dell used to do, (and maybe still does), to standard ATX PSUs.

Probably the only way to find out what kind of adapter you'll need, (and you'll most likely have to make one), would be to either:

* get the schematics for the U300s, (or at least pinout of the connector),
* find someone that has already done it,
* use a signal analyser to match the wires to the same on a normal SATA device, (for this you'd naturally need a U300s also),
* trace the tracks from the connector on the Lenovo SSD to the components on it and try and match them up with those from a normal SSD, (this should be possible since it most likely uses a standard SSD controller ... unless Lenovo have removed all manufacturer identification from the chips), or
* sell it on ebay for £10 and next time remember to look more closely at the images or ask more questions. ;)

Have you still got the SSD? I am need one in my U300s urgently?

Yes! Still got it - sat here gathering dust.

PM me and I'm sure we can work something out :)


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