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WebCam Detector

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Is there a coding snack or script I can use to alert me if web cam unplugged?

CC              :D

I think I can whip something up for ya.

Do you need it to run in the background or just run once and tell you if it is connected?  If run in the background, your webcam will be checked every 10 seconds and the light on the cam will turn  (if connected) on when it is being accessed. I will have a tray alert (balloon) letting you know if it was connected or disconnected.

Introducing Cameo Snack

Sits in the system tray and checks to see if a webcam is attached every 10 seconds (if a webcam is attached the light may turn on when being accesses). Shows a tooltip balloon with the info. The icon also changes if it is detached (has a red x on icon).

Give it a try!

To use, just unRAR and run CameoSnack.exe

@CleverCat Did you get a chance to test it out?


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