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YouTube finally forces creation of google+ A/C to comment

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It was a no-brainer for me. I decided I really didn't want to comment if that was the condition for doing so.  8)

Exactly.  There have been several times that I've been about to click to reply to something... then it asked me to link a FB account.  Or link my google account.

It's saved me a lot of brain cells in engaging in a debate.  And in many cases, saved me a location to go to in order to read things too.

Stoic Joker:
There have been several times that I've been about to click to reply to something... then it asked me to link a FB account.
-wraith808 (February 28, 2014, 02:45 PM)
--- End quote ---

 :Thmbsup: - I react to that like a vampire to a garlic flavored wooden cross with a UV light and a pointy end. :D

Bugginess in the YT/G+ world lately. Dont know if they're making changes again or what.

* Comments I make in YT not showing up on my G+ page.
* Unable to find the name of the person I'm replying to (usually it shows automatically in the reply box, or gets suggested after you type '+' and the first few letters of the name). End result being I have no idea if they get notification of a reply to their comment.
Both pretty major bugs to me. Maybe my standards are too high, but one of the things that attracted me to g+ was the fact I could look back over my YT comments and thereby maybe find a video or maybe a user I replied to - or the uploader, or whatever.

They seem to do a push every once in a while to try and get me to use my real name: being forced again and again to chose between my real name and my YT one. Ironically they seem to hassle me less when my gmail account is open in same browser...
They also seem to have a sense of how far they can push - I was getting seriously pissed off with them last week - and there's been absolutely no problems that way since.

[edit] maybe I'm too quick on the draw here. The situation is this: from my home, I can only see my YT comments if I am logged into and using my g+ account. Otherwise they just dont show. As in gone. I will try from elsewhere tomorrow to see if they visible from another location [/edit]

OK, their latest 'approach' is to censor your YT comments if you dont use your full name.
No-one can see my comments on YT :tellme:
That is extreme...

I discovered this by accident:
they are silently logging me out of my g+ account when I look at YT pages (I think it's after hibernating the laptop) - they show instead my email address, and prompt me to open new g+ account. But anyways, I couldnt see my comment on a particular video, and actually thought the video uploader had censored my comment (which was mildly critical). Turns out that no-one can see my comments - only me, and then only when I'm logged in, and (presumably :tellme:) people who are following me.

I know I'm expecting the worst here (but with good reason). I guess it could be a bug, but a very odd one...


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