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new Site for my Software

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For reasons not yet known seems to be deactivated.

For the time being, most of my freeware may be downloaded using this Softpedia Page

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Edit:  Also any not on Softpedia may be found in this index:
MilesAhead download index

Edit2:  I think there are still a couple on Softpedia that are not listed anywhere else, like Tray for opening and closing the optical drive tray.  So the Softpedia link is still worth a look.  Plus the files are hosted there.  If given the option use Download from Softpedia Secure Site US or something to that effect.  Softpedia has been very generous afa hosting my files and removing dead external links etc..


I observ i can't find the link.

Perhaps you don't facilitate the transit or visits tk requires.

I give you an idea i am applying for my tk dominions


I put the web page in the initial page of my main web browser.
Then I visit at least one time every day i launch de web browser.
This is enough to not lose the tk free dominion

Best Regards


I observ i can't find the link.

Perhaps you don't facilitate the transit or visits tk requires.

-Contro (December 29, 2014, 10:04 AM)
--- End quote ---

I'm not sure but App will likely find out what's up with it.  There's another site of the same name, different domain, which is also not loading.  Could be coincidence or maybe they think my site is related, which it isn't.  Time will tell.

One thing though, I can see the downside of putting links in programs.  It makes a lot of work for not much utility when things change.

On the plus side web is really cheap now.  If I need to do my own again it should only cost a few bucks a month.   :Thmbsup:

The advantage of tk sites if the possibility to redirect to anyplace.
OR even a part of your web site.

So you can have to to to

But you need assure you will obtain a minimum of visits of any kind.

In my case : an industrial engineering web page i receive almost any visit. So the best way is visit myself.

And a good way is launching from my browser every day.

Is a good SEO practice as well i think...

This is not the old fashioned way of loading a site in a .tk frame. I was using the .tk domain name as a normal domain. So, the site currently still there, but has no domain name and can't be reached till it does have one. I am working on trying to recover the original .tk one.

It was not cancelled due to a lack of visits. I have the name for a full year at a time (renew every February), no minimum number of visits required. I need to wait till I hear back from support as to what they want me to do to recover it (if it can be recovered).


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