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Does anyone know how I may remove Trojan Dropper:MSIL/Livate.A ?

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Does anyone know how I may remove Trojan Dropper:MSIL/Livate.A ?

I have had this Trojan hiding in my laptop for the better part of 3 months now.

Windows Defender detects it whenever it tries to do something, and this generally happens only when I start a new Firefox session or a new Internet Explorer session.

Windows Defender then detects it and quarantines it. You can see it in the attached picture.

After I instruct Windows Defender to remove it, Windows Defender deletes it and after making sure I update the signatures on Windows Defender, I do a complete entire harddisk scan and it finds nothing and then everything seems to be OK for a few days and then when I start a new Firefox session or a new Internet Explorer session, the Trojan is detected and quarantined by Windows Defender.

I have also bought the pro version of Malwarebytes but its complete and full scan reveals no such Trojan.

Likewise, I have runned Hitman Pro and it also finds no such Trojan.

Yet it keeps resurfacing and being stopped by Windows Defender but somehow not being completely removed when it is deleted.

The next thing I do was to apply the Windows 8.1 update in the hope that it would somehow rid my laptop of this Trojan.

No such luck.

Short of completely fresh install of Windows 8.1 on my Laptop, does anyone knows of a solution ?

A Google Search did not come up with a clear solution.

Thanks for any help or advise.

There must be some good samaritan forum out there that helps people remove stuff like that. I know of a german language one, but that's probably not much help for you.

Did do a quick search - the few removal guides I looked at, involved downloading unknown software of dubious origin, or paying 'support' to get all the details :down:

Carol Haynes:
Probably best and quickest to go for the clean install - assuming Windows Recovery hasn't got infected!

Thats a nasty one.

Google "Kapersky Rescue Disk". Download and burn it to a CD (or USB key)? Then boot and allow it to grab the most recent updates? Then disinfect from that.

Haven't run into anything this hasn't been able to squash.

AVG and Avira also have similar bootable scanners if it doesn't.

Luck! :Thmbsup:

Also try SUPERAntiSpyware


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