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Play first x frames, skip to last x frames


I have several thousand SWF files. They're all just containers for converted MOV or MP4 movies, and they had to be in SWF format for compatibility with a web interface that only accepts SWF files. When I made the SWF files, I added a fade in and fade out in Flash. I have found that the fade in and fade out are not consistently in the right place, so I'm using MPC-HC to do some QC work on these files. I need to check the first 50-100 frames and the last 50-100 frames. So basically, I need a script or program that does the following:

* Play the first x frames of the file
* Go to y frames from the end of the file
* Play until the end of the file
* Open the next file in the folder
If there's a way to control MPC-HC like that with SWF files, it might also apply to playing other file formats. If it could go on to the next file in the folder, that would be cool, too. MPC-HC doesn't allow the Play next in folder feature to work with SWF files, though, so it would be okay to just accomplish the first three requirements.

I know this is a pretty specialized need, but it would save me many hours and a lot of headache.


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