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Separate out and move files to subfolders

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Ok. I'll try to recreate that and get it fixed asap. Thanks!

Ok , I will give you some perspective as to how your program should work.

Just using explorer I created a folder with 20000 jpg files totalling 4.56GB

It took 4 minutes to copy to another directory on the same drive 4412 files with a total of 1.13GB

So extrapolating, 20000 files will take around 20 minutes

So 100,000 files will take 100 minutes

And this is before you try and do something clever with the files.

The transfer rate was approximately 4.7MB/s

If you were moving the files rather than copying it would probably be far quicker, especially to a different drive, and preferably clean, as these small files just like filling up any fragmentation in  a drive


Terribly sorry for not responding sooner.  For some reason I wasn't notified that anyone did anything on this project request -- must have forgotten to check "Notify me of replies."  Just assumed no one was interested, or that it was too hard to accomplish.  Wow.  Lots of action going on here!  How exciting.

Test Results:  "File Groupie" worked flawlessly.  Hip hip hooray!!!

Thank you very much Chris Gingerich, and all of you that tested and helped bring this useful program about.

My Test:

File Groupie version

64,709 files totalling 55.1 GB, all in one single folder

Moving files to Target Folder: c:\FGed

Files per sub-folder: 1000

Sort files by: Size - Smallest to Largest

Left the optional settings blank.

Hit "Run"....

Reading the files took 8 minutes.

Sorting took 26 minutes.

Processing took 5 minutes.

Output Results:
(note that file sort order worked!  size-low early on, to size-high later)

Folder  File Bytes      Files
0       49,522,465      1,000
100     77,547,802      1,000
200     96,510,142      1,000
300     113,185,581     1,000
400     127,619,495     1,000
500     141,009,494     1,000
600     153,392,198     1,000
700     166,393,938     1,000
800     179,206,949     1,000
5800    1,903,439,374   1,000
5900    2,092,646,683   1,000
6000    2,355,084,664   1,000
6100    2,740,121,189   1,000
6200    3,370,157,067   1,000
6300    4,358,001,053   1,000
6400    5,036,581,013   709

64,709  Files

Great glad to hear!  :Thmbsup: you are very welcome.


Well the good news is it didn't hang!

The "Ugly news" is that you said you wanted it to be NANY and not just a "snack"... that's my famous topic I keep saying about "Coding Snacks vs Coding Lunches"! NANY's are Coding Lunches ... or maybe Cereal?

Skwire, can you weigh in on the differences between this and Files2Folders? They're suddenly sounding similar, except this time Chris's version "did what it does" and I think I recall yours making my system grumpy, so I don't know why because it feels like the same "mechanical end result". So maybe feature differences, and maybe a quick summary of the "backbone".

So to continue the "Ugly News", how many use cases do you want vs "easy for a user to walk into"? Since "no one reads the Readme's anyway", I thought "Optional Setting - File - Prefix" would only move the files *with that prefix* ... imagine my shock "Holy @#[email protected]#[email protected], it blew up my data??!" So for example a dialog box indicating that data could be totally unrecoverable if you had more than my trivial case carefully file named, like 100 songs with descriptive names, only to have them all become "song1 song2 song3"!

:o If I ... uh ... hadn't used bvckup like last week, and did that to my music folder...  :'(

Another example pops up from what would have been my use case at work. I used to do Change Orders to contracts in construction accounting. So here are my juicy 85 change orders from my hard working manager, all sensibly named "ChangeOrder1 ChangeOrder2"... and off I go... out comes folders 0-84 ... :o (the manager grabbed #s 45-84 for the lawyer, who signed the contract... with addendums 44-83!!) (Gets fired)  :'(

So this feels like a Bill Murray in Groundhog Day making ice sculptures with a chainsaw! Very powerful, but if you slip on that ice, you might lose a hand!

I think somehow Skwire's mechanic of selecting relevant files to be processed feels a bit safer, so maybe your current UI might be some kind of unlockable "advanced power mode".


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