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Separate out and move files to subfolders

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It is working well. I just need to tweak a few things and I should have it ready for download either later today or tomorrow morning. :-)

Screen Shot

It's ready to try out!

Easy enough to use. Just run File Groupie.exe, select Source folder, Target Folder, Number of files per sub-folder, Command (Move or Copy), Sort By and press Run!

Also made it my NANY submission -

Screen shot:

I dont even back up my photos to DVD any more but I still sort my photos in groups that *will* fit on a DVD (single-layer, say 4.2GB). That way I have the option. It's also simply a convenient breakdown size to use.

Would you consider adding MB (or GB) per sub-folder as an alternative option to the "Files per sub-folder" option?

TBH, I'm not sure how practical it would be to have so many photos in one folder. But the user could work around this and create folders with e.g. 1GB content. I average around 3 or 4 subfolders in a DVD size folder. In my case they're randomly based on the content of the camera's card when transferred.

Another "TBH" - I'm not sure would I use this, but I still think my suggestion would be a good extenstion of it.

I'll add it to the list :-)

Update to - Now allows prefix/suffix of files (renamed) and folder.


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