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Separate out and move files to subfolders

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Suppose we have a large collection of images (.jpg) in one single folder -- 120,000 of 'em.

We would like to move these image files to separate subfolders, 1000 per subfolder.

I presently have a way of doing this, but it's fairly tedious.

Wondering if someone might like to write a program to to it automatically.

Here's how I'm imagining it might work:

Fire up program.  Several questions are asked:

-- Where are the files you want to separate out?

(possible answer: c:\images)

-- Where do you want to move these files to?

(possible answer: c:\separated)

-- How many files per subfolder?

(possible answer: 1000)

-- In what order are the files to be moved?

(possible answer:  smallest to largest)

-- Press proceed when ready....

After program runs, there will be, say, 120 new folders in c:\separated:


Each of these subfolders will contain 1000 files.  From smallest (in subfolder 001) to largest (subfolder 120).

What do you think?  If there exists a way already out there, please let me know.  I'd greatly appreciate your help.

Nicholas Kormanik

I do not know of any other application but seems easy enough to do. I'll see about getting an app together. :-)

That looks pretty neat for an idea!

@Chris: If you don't have time for this one, I can do it as well.

@skwire: Ok I did start working on it. If I cannot finish I'll let you know.


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