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FARR V3 Discussion

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Filipe Meira Castro:
FARR v3, which I am strongly considering doing for NANY
-mouser (November 17, 2013, 03:20 PM)
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Allriiighhttt    :D :D :D

As for Chrome Bookmarks I find it really interesting to have those results merged with the file search, I did not know plugin's could't be directly merged with file search... anyways, the plug in option is still interesting!

The other major thing I am considering for FARR 3 is a revamp of the plugin engine.

I was thinking of adding native python plugin support, and making that the new recommended plugin language going forward.

The consequences would be:
1. Easier to write plugins -- no more need to build a dll, just a single-file standard python script file (.py) will work fine.  And I will simplify the API to use fewer and less finicky functions.
2. Old plugins would still be supported, but the new python plugin engine will be the recommended approach for anything but plugins that really need native dll speed.
3. The largest drawback would be that it would probably add a megabyte or so to the executable size of FARR, and I have to check what it would do to memory use.  This is my only real concern.  I'll post more info about this after some experimentation.

The other major thing I am considering for FARR 3 is a revamp of the plugin engine.
-mouser (November 17, 2013, 06:48 PM)
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While you're at it, can the new plugin system support adding results to existing FARR results. Like people are suggesting for the chrome bookmarks plugin - you search for football, and get football.txt and football.url, etc. FARR should then be responsible for scoring the items. Offcourse, this should be entirely optional, because for some plugins it doesn't make sense to mix results with regular FARR results (ie. KlipKeeper or Network connections plugin).

Btw, I like the pyhton idea with making plugins, as it should be fast enough for majority of plugin needs, but easy enough for everyone to tackle a plugin or two.

The powerful alias system is one of FARR's greatest features. Here are a few requests to ease use/setup of aliases:
1. Allow FARR searching while options windows are open. This makes testing easier.
2. Make myaliases.alias (i.e. the user custom alias group) default in the alias section of options
3. Inside myaliases.alias: add right click option to export/import an individual alias (same format as for export/import all, but only the string for the selected alias)
4. Inside myaliases.alias: in the export/import popup window: let ctrl+a select all text
5. Alias edit window: add an onmouseover popup for the results/command box header. The popup would summarize some more tips on commands and syntax from the helpfile

mouser: making all plugins python seems like a good move. Then help instructions and examples can be more unified. Besides, it is still possible to do "plugin like" things anyway using the aliases plus external scripts. For example, I have some aliases that trigger two commands in series: (1) first an autohotkey script that takes the FARR input as parameter, operates on it in various ways and then outputs a .html file and (2) the second command then displays said .html in the FARR window.

It's not sexy like new features but I'd like to see either a more complete help or the ability to search settings pages.  Some of the settings pages aren't that busy.  But a few have enough to fool the eye where I can look for certain settings and not see them... if you know what I mean.  :)

With form display I don't know if there's a way to do Control-f search through.


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