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FARR V3 Discussion

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Thanks for the tricks, mouser. Ctrl+PgUp / +PgDn doesn't work (tried it on two machines). Didn't know the one with the historys-keyword though.

Again, thank you very much for this software: although I may not be a power user with FARR, using only a small portion of the possible features, it saves me tons of time everyday.

Ctrl+PgUp / +PgDn doesn't work
--- End quote ---

oops! it's Ctrl+Up / Ctrl+Down, sorry!

Again, thank you very much for this software
--- End quote ---

Thank you for your support, both your donation and your encouraging words.  It's people like you that have made creating and maintaining and supporting the software possible, have made this forum possible, and has made the entire process fun for the nearly 10 years I've been here  :up:

Filipe Meira Castro:
Hi Mouser,

Don't forget about FARR!! It is really really great and there's a lot of features that can take it to pure perfection!!

Cheers  :D

Filipe Meira Castro:
This post is from 2013 but still up to date!!!! ehehheheh  :D :D :D :D :D

I know it's been a while.  I will be doing a FARR minor update very soon.


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