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FARR V3 Discussion

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Filipe Meira Castro:
ability to search settings page
-MilesAhead (November 19, 2013, 11:19 AM)
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Seems a nice one, will add on my wishlist as well!! :)

ith form display I don't know if there's a way to do Control-f search through.
-MilesAhead (November 19, 2013, 11:19 AM)
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would be very nice if possible.
Dopus have a filter for their preferences:

FARR V3 Discussion

From what's already been mentioned here, custom file associations with relative paths for portable apps seems the one I like the most.
Indexing seems to be a must from the shear number of requests, also python plugins seems a huge plus, totally worth the small file size increase. I don't think that is still a concern nowadays, when multi-gigabyte pendrive is cheaper then a meal. 8)

I also definitely would like to see a simpler skinning or theme system, like allow using simple PNG images for the window appearance, similar to what launchy does, I think. I would like to see some simpler, more elegant, minimal themes and the ability to easily create beautiful new skins.

Filipe Meira Castro:
Edited my selection of nice to have features :)

I noticed that FARR currently doesn't handle plugins correctly.
For example, I have installed FARR using the installer, in the default location (Program files) and now FARR doesn't seem to be able to manage plugins, unless if I run it as admin. I am on Windows 8.1.
Can the new plugin system be made (or current one fixed) so that the plugins are located somewhere in <user>\AppData, or at least in <user>\Documents\DonationCoder\FindAndRunRobot directory together with aliases?


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