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Program Specific Launch Bar



I proposed this feature already here

Now, with the sendkeys feature I try again, since it is imho a logical idea:

The idea of sendkeys is to control a program by another one. If several sendkey actions are combined this enables to do complex actions with just one command. This reduces the number of keystrokes or mouse actions. Thus, even in case a program does not contain a macro-functionality by itself, sendkeys implements this, and that is fine.

The question is how to start such a sendkey-macro.
The number of hotkeys is limited, and even if not - how many can a normal person remember?
Therefore, programs like LBC exist, offering icons for starting programs.
But the number of icons is also restricted, and furthermore, if lots of icons are displayed, it may be difficult to identify the correct one.
Therefore, docklets and submenus can be implemented. But this requires at least one additional click to start the macro. And in case of macros which control more than one program, you have to remember in which submenu the icon is located. And, if you use a large monitor, the ways for the mouse may be quite long.

I propose to implement:
launch bars which are specific for a certain program.
If that program gets focus, this specific launchbar is started or placed on top.
To reduce the long ways for the mouse, this specific launchbar is docked to the program window.

1. I nearly was successful with a workaround:
I found here on donation coder WinWarden.
This program allows to place a window (like a launch bar) relative to another one.
Unfortunately the LBC-windows refuse to be resized by this program (and by other programs as well).

2. Also here on donation coder I found barnacle, which injects individual taskbars into other programs`  windows. But only on the top side, and it does not work with all programs.

WOuld be great if my proposal could be considered,
either by implementing it in LBC directly,
or if you could make LBC windows resizable..

Thank you

launch bars which are specific for a certain program.
If that program gets focus, this specific launchbar is started or placed on top.
--- End quote ---

this is actually an idea i've planned to implement for a long time, I just never quite get around to it.  Part of the reason is that there are a few different ways to do it and i have doubts that the right way to implement it.

I should probably just go ahead and implement a first easy version as a proof of concept, and we can go from there..

I meanwhile implemented it for me using an external scripting program which shows one or two of a bunch of LBC docks while it hides the other ones, depending on the program which is activated. This required the definition of the size and the position of the program window and also the LBC window(s).
This script is initiated every 2 seconds which is a good compromise between a little delay in activating the LBC dock and the activity of the scripting program.

From my experience, if you still plan to implement it in LBC (which I would prefer/suggest):
allow more than one dock per program (there are always some commands which are "universal" or at least usable for more than one program, thus I have a dock "basic" which is displayed additionally to program specific docks)
allow the docking to any desired position (not only on top of the main window, but also to the left/right/bottom; and whether dock is to be centered; in relation to a single main window or also in relation to a group of main windows)

Since I had to define the window positions anyway I extended this to position two or more program windows plus some LBC docks. This was just a "natural consequence" so you might consider that this will definitely be a feature request.


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