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Arduino Leonardo Touchboard

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Most musicians adapt fairly rapidly to new instrument interfaces - as long as they're logical and consistent in operation.
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I would amend that to say "Most younger/incredibly creative musicians..." as, believe it or not though I'm sure you're aware, musicians can be a downright stodgy bunch when something newfangled comes along that "all the kids are using" even when it's "logical and consistent" (yours truly guilty as charged).  ;)

Darn kids, always changing the game before I'm done playing...  >:(
-Edvard (November 11, 2013, 07:09 PM)
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Neither incredibly talented or young I'd say.

In my experience, most musicians can learn and adapt to just about anything - even though I know many who choose not to.

In my case, I hate popping and slapping on bass. I strongly dislike the sound. So I generally refuse to play a bass that way - even though I did make it a point to be able to play the 'slap style' in order to prove I could if I wanted to.

I still have enough snark in me that I sometimes enjoy those occasions when a young bass 'slapper' takes issue with my opinion and sarcastically suggests I feel that way because I can't do it. That's when I'll rip through a 3-minute Flea/Wooten/Miller-inspired bit of bass wanking without breaking a sweat, and then just arch an eyebrow. Next I'll run through a classic Bach or jazz-type walking bass line and ask them if they can also play that way too... (Mustn't allow the little sods to generation gap us, right? Bwahahahahaha!) :mrgreen:

I think most bona fide musicians I've known feel the same way. It's not so much we can't as we often choose not to - because we don't care for the "new" sound or style.

I felt that way about "tapping" in the 80s; felt that way about digital stompboxes in the '90s, felt that way about Autotune and anything Line6 in the '00s.  I haven't found anything to be stodgy about for the '10s.  Maybe I'm finally old enough to not care.  Oh, wait... no more than 6 strings on a guitar, and 4 on the bass (though I'll allow for the bass if you're good enough to actually use all those extra strings), and dagnabbit, if you're going to make some music and call it "dubstep", don't drill my eardrums with a fire alarm noise and call it "bass".  :-\

And while you're at it, much props if you ditch your Kaoss or Launchpad for a Leonardo Touchboard and some bananas and wire.  :Thmbsup:

The Synthtopia  (:-* btw) website has posted an article and video on using the Touchboard as a MIDI controller. Link here.


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