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Arduino Leonardo Touchboard

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There's an interesting project recently posted on Kickstarter that looks promising for DIYers. I can see this becoming the reference platform for a variety of clever projects - especially homebrew musical instruments. (Note: it's already fully funded.) Great video on the project page. Find it here.

Arduino Leonardo Touchboard

What is the Touch Board?

The Touch Board is a tool to make your projects interactive, responsive, smart or just fun. Use the Touch Board to change the world around you by turning almost any material or surface into a sensor. Connect anything conductive to one of its 12 electrodes and trigger a sound via its onboard MP3 player, play a MIDI note or do anything else that you might do with an Arduino or Arduino-compatible device.
The Touch Board!The Touch Board!

The Touch Board is designed as an easy-to-use platform for a huge range of projects, whether it's painting a lightswitch on your wall, making a paper piano or something nobody's thought of yet. Make sure to take a look at our video above and check out the information below. If you've got a question, get in touch and we'll get it up in the FAQs. We hope you'll support the Touch Board. We can't wait to see what you will build on top of this powerful platform!
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that was very impressive :-*

Looks like a bit of advance on the MakeyMakey concept.  Based on the same chip too.  Very nice.

Looks like a bit of advance on the MakeyMakey concept.  Based on the same chip too.  Very nice.
-Edvard (November 06, 2013, 01:48 AM)
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I was just getting ready to post that. :)  That project was pretty good... wish I had gotten in on it; there's some really cool stuff that people have made for inputs with the MakeyMakey.  Have to look at this one...

Touch switches are no big deal from an engineering viewpoint. But the ability to sense distance (or proximity) is the thing that got me. That is a very useful capability when it comes to analog controllers. Especially if a little adroit programming could expand that to detect and measure velocity without too much hassle. (Shouldn't be too difficult.) I'm already thinking about musical uses far beyond such obvious things as a Theremin-type controller (ala a Buchala-style 220e touch keyboard or a homebrew Leap Motion controller) with that feature. And I'm sure plenty of other people are too. :mrgreen:

The Buchala 220e in case anybody's wondering


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