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Someone already answered this once but I cannot find the solution :( DIR list

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@questorfla: Would you mind moving your previous post to the original thread to avoid fragmenting your thread any further?  I can then delete this thread...

sorry people>  I am not in the best of shape tonight.  Supposed to have some heavy duty dental surgery .. but not yet apparently..They keep saying maybe tomorrow
so.. Just.trying to stay focused.  I appreciate everyones efforts  if you could leave me the one link skwire I would appreciate it.  the old question ended up with some real doozies i remember they were rather intricate.
4WD's setup (I have not tried it yet) but it is simple enough i can understand the logic so i can adjust as needed.
Thanks to you all

The long and twisted batch that i listed above also did work but with no saved output it wasn't much help.

Before I leave, does anyone know if I can install the NEW release of WAMP or XAMPP and leave off the MySQL5 and replace it with 4.3 i think that was as high as MYIsam support went?  i have to keep MYIsam tables if at all possible.  We have hundreds of archived databases that all used MYIsam. They would be unreadable without it if needed again otherwise. 

Skwire :  maybe this is how i say Yes?  I cannot find a single place to click to reply to your questions showt of a whole new one  .  Yes PLEASE shorten it

    echo %%~fF                                                            <<This is where I thought I could catch the output but  no go
-questorfla (October 01, 2013, 09:47 PM)
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You forgot the redirection:

echo %%~fF >>D:\somefile.txt


I was going to add that I haven't got it outputing to a text file, maybe Shades can help there.

Cracked it:

Get-ChildItem \*\*\*\* | % { if ($_.Attributes -eq "Directory") { Out-File d:\out.txt -append -inputobject $_.FullName } }

The above will output normal folders to 4 levels deep to a file called D:\out.txt <- change as you will.

I'll add this to the other post skwire.
-4wd (October 01, 2013, 06:01 PM)
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I finally tried this under Powershell with this error:

Get-ChildItem : Access to the path 'C:\Windows\CSC\v2.0.6' is denied. ??

I am aadmin as you can get on this system


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