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[Solved] Multiple parameters to URL?

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I'm having some trouble with this custom Alias.

In FARR I want to be able to type something like this:

car ford fusion:2007

And have the results go to something like, for example...

I just can't figure out how to do the multiple parameters.


Make a new alias called "car"
Under Regular Expression Pattern put

--- ---^car (.*)$
and under results put

--- ---car $$1|$$1
Then click Ok.

Type "car ford fusion:2007" in FARR to launch fusion:2007
Spaces isn't replaced with plus signs in the search but it may still work.

It may work exactly as Nod5 says, but you can also use
You can use $$u1 instead of $$1 to have FARR urlencode the spaces and special characters when doing a web search.

Using $$u1 was what I needed to make it work how I wanted.  Thanks for that.

However, once I tried that, I see now that what I really need is for this:

car ford fusion:2007

to be turned into this:

Is there a way to transform that FARR command into those parameters?

yep, you just need a regex with multiple capture groups.  see if you can figure it out, if not someone good at regex will be able to post a solution.

note that the farr alias group configuration where you specify the regular expression has a place where you can test things out -- you can use that to experiment.


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