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Question (request?) about red box capture

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Why does it require an extra step?  Can't it be treated like any other capture, and do whatever post-capture stuff you have selected?


Does red box mode not apply post-capture operations?

As for why it requires an extra step after the capture -- are we talking about the extra dialog presenting you with the chioces about scrolling capture, etc.?  Assuming so, it's just a tradeoff -- the redbox mode takes more steps and lets you do additional stuff.

Yes, the extra dialog. Could there be some way to have an option to say you don't care about all the extra stuff and just doing your plain old post-capture options without the dialog?
Or, maybe a new capture mode... redbox-lite  :)

Question -- are you using it to capture and object or a region?

An object.  But, region could work just as well, since I don't need scrolling and all that.  I just don't want to go through the extra step of selecting the region every time either.


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