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how to enter text into a text box


Mouser, I just installed the latest version of the program and watched your video.  I know it will take quite some time for me to get to use many of the features but I am baffled that I can't get the easy one to work for me. In your video you rush a bit through the text box feature and even watching it several times I can't quite see how I can enter text. I can create the box, move it, shrink it but where do I type the text?  I am sure it's so obvious that I will be very embarrassed but that's one function I do need. I am not referring to the "label" text but the yellow background text box.

IIUC, you click on the text icon (tooltip say "Text Object");
you click and drag to create a textbox - at this stage all you have to do is start typing - the text will automatically go in the box, i.e. it has focus. If the focus is elsewhere, a double-click in the textbox will give do the job.

I'm on windows 8 here (for a change). I notice, when I created the textbox, there was a blinking cursor in it - but it was so small it would be easy to miss. Funny I just drew another textbox and I see a full-size blinking cursor... Do you see a blinking cursor?

Hope that helps!


thanks for that. I knew it had to be easy but somehow got confused between the highlighting rectangle and the text object. I don't see a cursor but no need if I know typing will just do what I need.   Works fine now - even for me  :D

Thanks for answering this Tomos.   :up:

somehow got confused between the highlighting rectangle and the text object.
--- End quote ---

That's just what I was about to suggest might have happened.  It's a bit too easy to confuse the two.


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