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Halloween giveaway from Wadjet Eye Games: "The Blackwell Deception"


Until Friday, Nov. 1 at 11:59pm Eastern

Happy Halloween from Wadjet Eye Games! The indie developer has just updated their retro-style, point & click PC adventure The Blackwell Deception with higher quality character portraits. And how better to celebrate Rosa Blackwell's favorite holiday than by giving away the full, updated game?

Of course, anyone who already bought Blackwell Deception from Steam, GOG, Desura, or directly from Wadjet Eye will get free access to the updated version. Here's the "trick or treat!" part -- for everyone else, Wadjet Eye is offering Blackwell Deception totally free through Friday, Nov. 1 at 11:59pm Eastern.

To pocket this Halloween goodie:

1) Visit

2) Click Buy Now to add Blackwell Deception to the cart

3) [edited: the buy button takes you directly to download links now - there's no longer any need to enter a code in a checkout page]

Just like that one house on the block that hands out full-sized candy bars, this is news worth spreading! Tell your readers, tell your friends. (Or else Rosa and Joey might have to come over and toilet paper your house. Just saying...)

--- End quote ---

The game is a DRM-free download (they are no longer distributing Steam keys)

[Edit: removed inactive download links]

"Buy Now" takes me to a place to enter payment info.

First mirror is dead.

Second mirror works, though I wouldn't mind having an MD5 checksum or something to make sure it's the same thing and not swapped with a demo or something. (c;

Here's what I got:

MD5: dd7e3caefb8386cc4c96735fb4d3157b
SHA-1 [160]: 98fe20e9b29c964ec769ad6e03f8b1edfe3fcba0
CRC32: bb11c3ff
SizeHash-32: 131b42a1

That MD5 matches my download which is not a demo.  

It looks like the vendor got surprised by the response, was unprepared for steam key resellers hoarding free steam keys that were initially offered, and went through several iterations of locating the content.

A writeup of the whole story:

It's all over now though.

Ah. This also explains Humble Bundle recently changing how they handle their Steam key redemption. I didn't realize key reselling was such a problem. )c:

I've got lots of spare Steam keys sitting around and never thought to sell them.


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