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NANY 2014 Release: Blasteroids

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* [Android] Lollipop crash fixes.
* Fixed quitting to menu not disabling slow motion.
* [Webplayer] Can now quit to menu mid-game.
* Game writes save data to file instead of only using PlayerPrefs.
* Fixed shots hit not increasing.
* Fixed achievements incrementing by too much.
* Allowed more time to earn Consolation Prize achievement due to respawn changes.
* [Android] Cloud saves sync your scores and progress across devices.
* Space background is a bit more dynamic.
* Fixed asteroids sometimes hiding off screen.
* Other minor fixes/improvements.-
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So, after nearly 2 years since the last update, I just released a new version of Blasteroids.

The focus was on replacing the UI with something a bit better, as well as adding 4 new "cheat codes" to give the gameplay some variety.

Oh, and remember this logo I mocked up nearly 3 years ago?

If any artists want to be of service, I could use a logo/title image. The game is going to be called Blasteroids, and I thought it would be neat if the "o" was a spiral galaxy. Kind of like this:

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-Deozaan (November 17, 2013, 12:37 PM)
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I finally made it officially:

Full changelog:

* New “Cheat Codes” to vary play:
* Bouncy Borders (bounce off edges of screen instead of wrapping to other side)
* Never Miss (bullets don’t disappear until they hit an asteroid)
* Rapid Fire
* Tractor Beam (pull asteroids toward you when there are 10 or less on screen)
* Added video settings (fullscreen or windowed at various resolutions)
* New UI!
* Asteroids now spawn in random positions instead of in predefined positions.
* Game now accepts gamepad input for aiming/shooting.
* Improved worldwrap to work correctly at lower framerates.
* Preload some objects at beginning of game to improve spawn rate.
* Cache some references instead of looking them up repeatedly.
* Don’t count as two deaths if quitting while already dead.
* Fixed World Wrap not updating after screen resize.
* Tweetbot sends Tweets when achievements are unlocked.
* Minor tweaks to various Tweets.
* Other fixes and improvements.-
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Every time I think I'm finished with this game I get some harebrained idea and whip it up. ;D

I'm preparing for another release of Blasteroids. One of the big new features this release will contain is support for "localization," or in other words, a language selection option which will change the in-game text to other languages.

I took a look at the Steam Hardware Survey and saw that 8 languages made up about 90% of all Steam users, so those are the ones that I chose to translate the game into. And I also added Dutch because one of the people I've been working with for the past several years is a native Dutch speaker, so I figured he could help me make sure the Dutch translation was good.

I mostly used this useful "Polyglot" spreadsheet for the translations, but it didn't have everything I needed so I had to rely on Google Translate for a few phrases.

So I've got English and Dutch covered. If anyone here speaks any of the other languages and would like to spend a few minutes looking through the game and checking that all the text makes sense in its respective language, I'd sure appreciate it. Respond here or send me a PM and let me know which platform you'd prefer to test it on (Windows, Linux, Mac) and I'll send you a link to a test build.

Here are the languages that will be part of the game in the next release:

* ✔ English :Thmbsup:
* Simplified Chinese (简体中文)
* Russian (Русский)
* Spanish (Español)
* German (Deutsch)
* Brazilian Portuguese (Português)
* French (Français)
* Korean (한국어)
* ✔ Dutch (Nederlands) :Thmbsup:


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