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NANY 2014 Release: Blasteroids

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Sounds good :up:
I have a banjaxed wrist again so unable to play at the moment myself :-( and I still haven't graduated to the world of tweeting :P

I hope your wrist recovers soon. :Thmbsup:

I still haven't graduated to the world of tweeting :P-tomos (April 14, 2014, 02:59 PM)
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You don't actually need to tweet or have a Twitter account or even know what that Tweeterer thing on those newfangled interwebs is. The bot has its own account and it tweets stuff on its own. I've seen two tweets made about other people. Finally I have proof that other people play my games. :D

(And by "other people" I mean people who don't give me feedback about it or let me know they're playing it. i.e. people who wouldn't otherwise interact with me.)

I often get the impression that the only time anybody plays the games I make is when I show it off to them (in person) or when I post about it here as part of NANY or whatever. But then when NANY is over I feel like nobody who was playing it is still playing it and also that nobody else is discovering it and playing it for the first time. So it's really cool for me to see that twitter bot make tweets about other people playing my games. :)

Another release:


* Fixed blank name being used for high score and things.
* [Android] Fixed hidden achievements not revealing themselves properly.
* [Android] Fixed Google Play Games Services display delay.-
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Another release:

- Fixed game title showing twice at once in some situations.
- Consolation prize slightly easier to obtain.
- Firing bullets is now limited only by rate of fire.
- Rate of fire increases as you progress in the game.
- New sound effects improve the audio experience.
- [Android] No more submitting to Google Play leaderboards if score is 0.
- Various performance improvements.
- No more tweeting about game overs if no points were scored.
- No more tweeting high scores if no name entered.-
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Yet another update:


* Added option to slow time when asteroids get close to give you more time to react (enabled by default).
* Asteroids which destroy your turret are also destroyed themselves.
* Respawn shockwave destroys nearby asteroids, making it much less likely to die immediately upon spawning.
* The number of asteroids on screen at once is now displayed on screen.-
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