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NANY 2014 Release: Blasteroids

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And I made a video showing off the game.

(Also added it to the original post.)

Hah, I need a cry-my-eyes-out emoticon = a very nice vĂ­deo Deo, and a very nice score to boot :Thmbsup:
I keep blaming my trackpad for not reaching 50K, but tbh I'm usually below the 20K mark :-)

One mistake I keep making is moving the mouse too far from the ship - then when I need to do big turn I dont get there in time...
(Looking forward to playing the download version btw - but it'll have to wait a bit as I have a banjaxed wrist at the moment.)

My score in the video is crazy high because of a ... feature ... that works better than I intended.

The points you earn for destroying each asteroid is based on the size of the asteroid, the current level, and how many lives you have. If you play perfectly (meaning you don't get killed) you'll have just over 7,000 points at the beginning of level 7. But here's where the part where the feature works too well comes in: You're awarded an extra life every 10,000 points. So once you get to about level 10, if you manage to have 5 lives or so, suddenly you're getting 10,000 points every several seconds, granting your more lives, which gives you a larger score, which in return gets you more lives, which gets you an even larger score, etc., and before you know it you've got more lives than you could ever lose unintentionally.

In the video, I actually had close to 30 lives and intentionally just sat there to lose them all before starting that last level. I was just gaining them too fast by that point. On level 15 with 30 lives, each small asteroid would give me 1,800 points. That's an extra life every 6 small asteroids. And there was no lack of small asteroids at that point.

So yeah, I threw in that extra life feature at the last minute and didn't properly test it out. Or I just didn't play as well in my tests and I died too quickly. Either way, that needs to change.

I just updated the game to fix that feature, and put in a couple other bugfixes/niceties:

1.140106.0 NANY

* Quitting while in-game now takes you back to the main menu.
* Death explosions no longer affect bullets.
* Extra life awarded for ever increasing score amounts.

It's a lot harder now to break the 10k mark. (But I done it - eventually...)
Slowly starting to get more aware of where the mouse is - move it out to aim accurately, back in so as I can rotate more easily.

I have had the experience a couple of times lately where the brand new ship gets killed before I can even start - i.e. the 'repulse' effect doesnt work - this is hard when it's your last man ship :( - could that be because I dont have the mouse button fully pressed (dont think so but I'm not sure).
It happens when the asteroids are too close to the new ship when it first appears, there is then no replulse effect -- ship dead before it can even get going.


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