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Confessions of a drone warrior

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I think that many don't echo your sentiments, however, and view his service as somewhat less than someone who put boots on ground in the face of enemy aggression.

But I consider him more a tragic figure than a hero. As I do all the patriotic and highly honorable men and women who have served this country in needless conflicts orchestrated by those who put their own interests and agendas ahead of those of their nation.

Seeing people (both allies and adversaries) die over half-truths and untruths will take its toll on anyone with a shred of humanity still left inside them. Small wonder so many have come back from conflicts such as this one with serious emotional and mental issues. Small wonder so many who live in the region of conflict will also live out their lives similarly scarred.
-40hz (October 29, 2013, 01:37 PM)
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This I can definitely get on board with.  We seem to wash them with the same colors and end up with ribbons on our cars, and tip jars to support our troops, branding them in the same way that the threat boards of the theater of combat does to a different extent when they're looked at as resources and casualties rather than people whose lives and deaths have a very real impact on the country.

We calk about the cognitive dissonance of waging war from behind a screen at increasing distances... I think that there is more of a cognitive dissonance between those that wage war as enlisted and those that formerly waged war under the same terms.  Because it seems that the men to a large extent become less important when that man isn't you.

Guess you could call that a form of progress, right? :) :(
-40hz (October 29, 2013, 01:37 PM)
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that was a powerful post.

Re my earlier, eh, reproachful post: sorry folks, I missed the sub-text to the whole medal talk (maybe it was more obvious than a 'sub-text' - but I missed it anyways). Which gave me a skewed perspective of the medal debate...


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