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N.A.N.Y. 2014 Submission: sumatra_earmarks

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Feedback for v131101:

* Toggling off the earmark works with right-clicking (both for bookmarks showing and not).
* Toggling on an earmark works via the keyboard but if there is no grey earmark box showing (presumably because there are no earmarks yet) then right-clicking does not cause a blue earmark to appear (whether bookmarks are showing or not).  If a grey earmark box is showing, toggling via right-clicking seems to work.

That is exactly as planned. I set the mouse commands to work only if there is at least one earmark and a grey/blue square visible to avoid accidental earmarking. I'm glad things are working now. Thank you for the troubleshooting!


Please consider changing the text that appears via the "how to use" menu item:
RightClick top right pdf corner = toggle earmark on|off for open pdf page

--- End quote ---

I believe reading that contributed to my expectation of the right-clicking working to set the first earmark even with no grey box.

...and I also hope the feature makes it into SumatraPDF ;)

Yeah, that is a bit misleading in the help popup. Will update it for the next version. I've clarified on the download site and in the first post here.

New update
v131108 handles roman numeral pagenumbers; clarified help window
Background: I came across some pdf files with roman numerals in the first few pages which tripped up the next/prev jumping. Fixed now.


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