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N.A.N.Y. 2014 Submission: SoloCrop

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Any chance of a similar tool that tries to automatically detect "rectangles" and crop each of those results into individual results?

ewemoa: definitely not in SoloCrop.

I saw multiple rectangle detection and crop in a video about the new ScanSnap, here. But that likely only works with their hardware. But is that the kind of functionality you're thinking of?

A useful tool for making a program with something like that is OpenCV. See these examples (last example uses opencv in python and is only 30 lines of code, adding cropping would not not take much more). But to work reliably it would probably need to be tailor made for the type of input images (photos? rectangle sizes? colors?...). I'll leave that for someone else to N.A.N.Y. pledge I think :P

That is a nifty-looking device!

What I thought I saw in that video was the bit about scanning multiple name cards at the same time -- that does seem applicable.

Thanks also for the pointer to OpenCV, am intending to take a look.


This isn't that far from that cropping problem Contro and I were talking about.

Glad to see your entry, Nod5.


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