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World's fastest WiFi @100Gbps


Carol Haynes:
German researchers have combined photonics and electronics to create a world-record-breaking wireless network that can send and receive data at a heady 100 gigabits per second (Gbps). This beats the same team’s previous world record of 40Gbps. At 100Gbps, or a transfer rate of 12.5 gigabytes per second — ten times faster than Google Fiber — you could copy a complete Blu-ray disc in a couple of seconds.
--- End quote ---

Under $50/month with no set up fee?


Does it work over a distance of more than 3 meters?

Perhaps a coverage area per access point close to 100 meters?

How long until these speeds reach the consumer world?  What are we, like 20 years behind for that to happen?  I just want to know so I won't get too excited.  My favorite technology in the world is storage and related speed things.

I've already ranted several times over the past decade at how disappointed I've been that all of these post USB 2.0 technologies take forever, or never, to start hitting the real shelves.  esata never really took off.  USB 3.0 hasn't taken off at all really.  A lot of laptops come with the ports, some portable hard drives have the connection, some usb sticks if you really go out of your way to get them (and they underwhelm with speed normally).  Thunderbolt has nothing going on.

Also, what kind of technologies can even take advantage of these kinds of speeds?  100 Gbps??  You would need like RAID25 for something like that!  Maybe some pure flash/SSD setups can use this?  Maybe video streaming like I've been playing with lately?  I don't know.

And what's the future of hard drive storage?  Are we getting past the 4TB limit?  Are blurays affordable yet for storage purposes?  Like a few bucks per disc?  How big are SSD's going to get anytime soon?  1TB?


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