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Collectorz' bold new subscription-based update plans - brilliant? or suicidal?

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All My Movies is able to get movie details from IMDb.
It is also able to import catvids existing collection (and the one by Collectorz too :)
We develop All My Movies since 2003 and will continue improve it. And we are not going to switch to subscription model.
Just my several points :)

by the way... May be someone here know why FNProgramvare (CATVids, BookCAT) has ceased operations? I've tried to contact them, but got no reply.

One could look towards Movienizer, another alternative to Collectorz - and quite a decent one (developed since 2007). The app fetches movie information from a number movie databases (IMDb included, of course), it can import movie info in several ways via plugins, and there are a LOT of customizable scripts if you want to play around with some custom info, whatever. Besides, Movienizer handles several hardware players as well.

There are no lite/pro versions, and there are basically two license options, a yearly license and an unlimited one.
And they have got book and music organizers, too!

P.S.: BTW, Collectorz won't even let you download a trial version of their app, they need your e-mail address right away!

Too bad the "Free download" also carries with it the requirement to buy three programs rather than just the program I need (which, in theory, should be less than the 49.95 "limited time offer", going to check back on 1 Feb to see about this one and see if it hasn't changed to "28 Feb"). I also despise authors who use the term "free download" on their page.

One could look towards Movienizer...-namahs (January 20, 2014, 02:33 PM)
--- End quote ---

Anyone considering this please take note of the licensing restrictions (emphasis added):


1.2 What is the difference between 1-year and lifetime licenses?

With both subscription types, you get full access to all organizers (Booknizer, Movienizer, Musicnizer). The only difference between the two types is their validity period. With 1-year subscription, you can use the organizers for 1 year since the purchase date, including all upgrades released during this period. After 1 year, your license expires. If you start an organizer after the expiration date, the program will start as the free trial version. Unlike this, Lifetime subscription never expires and includes all future upgrades without limitations.

1.3 How many computers I can use my license with?

The program is licensed on a per-computer basis and bound to a computer using an activation process. A regular license can be activated on two computers, a Family license can be activated on up to 5 computers. An activation cannot be moved to a different computer.


1.8 What will happen to my purchased license if I reinstall the operating system or move to another computer?

Please keep your registration data in a safe place. This will let you reinstall the program at any time on the computer where it was first activated. However, please note that your copy can be registered only on a number of computers that does not exceed the one specified by your license type. If you have already used up all activations and move to a new computer, you need to purchase an additional license.-
--- End quote ---

Much more restrictive than I like. At least they seem to be clear about it, which isn't always the case.


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