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Lavabit's court documents unsealed; what THEY wanted, and Lavabit's appeal...


Great stuff, and IANAL, but IMO Lavabit's got some good legs to stand on in their appeal.

The government has suggested that it's entitled to get Lavabit's private keys for three reasons: the Pen Register Statute, the Stored Communications Act, and a grand jury subpoena. Lavabit attacks all three of those in its appeal.

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from somewheres I fergit

I have nothing but respect for Ladar. I hope that he wins, but what the law actually is and what they do are different things.

Even if he wins, they'll simply brand him a traitor too and then see fit to put even more pressure on him than before.

The corporate machine and its government pawns are too embedded to be easily refused. It's worse than a mafia, they will at least back off a little if there isn't much to gain from you.


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