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So-called upgrades that ruin good programs

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The $40 I spent on Acronis True Image 9.0 was arguably the best software investment I ever made. It was designed for Windows XP but still worked on Vista and even on Windows 7 until some Windows update in 2012 broke it.

I'm not sure when it happened, judging from their forums apparently some time around the 2010 version, they turned it into a steaming pile of crap. I know how it happened - the same way a lot of software titles get run into the ground. In order to release a new major version every year they continually added new features to get upgrade sales and eventually they were adding more bugs than features.

Unfortunately I didn't discover this until after they suckered me into an upgrade deal for the 2012 version. They had a promotion running to get both the Home version and Plus Pack (with CDP and bare metal restore) for $30. Unfortunately it was more than 90 days later that I finally had time to install and test it so by the time I realized how badly it hosed my computer they refused to give me any support.

It didn't take long reading their forums to realize they didn't even have the foggiest idea how to uninstall their own software, let alone fix what I determined were common, but not universal problems. To add insult to injury they were perfectly happy to tell me I should pay them for additional support for help fixing their defective crap even though it seemed pretty certain they had no chance of actually managing that.

Thankfully the Bart's PE plugin still works beautifully on my boot disc and the bare metal restore CD can be downloaded to avoid installing Acronis and mangling Windows again.

+1 x 10E2 on TrueImage.

Version 8/9 used to be my go to imaging tool until they broke it - and then refused to accept it was  their (rather than their now mostly former customer's) responsibility to fix it.

AutoCAD LT98 had a wonderful "aerial view", I mean a small window showing the whole drawing. By a click and a dragging the user could perform a zoom, by a dragging the user could perform a pan. It was a pleasure to surf on the whole drawing, it was a pleasure to jump from a zone to another zone of the drawing.
In AutoCAD 2002 LT that precious convenience was complicated, so it became unusable.

Idiots have the power.

It would be interesting even a thread about old bugs/absurdites of programs that programmers refuse to fix.

It would be interesting even a thread about old bugs/absurdites of programs that programmers refuse to fix.

-Giampy (October 22, 2013, 08:43 AM)
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Those could be included in this thread since very often the bug is related to a version situation.


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