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So-called upgrades that ruin good programs

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Just to update the above posting - about five minutes after hit hit "submit", I experienced a BSOD and reboot. I had IE11 32bit and Outlook 2013 32 bit open and was viewing a different forum. I hope M$ gets this sorted out - at this point I alone must have sent in at least 10 automated error reports generated after a BSOD... I tried to use this as a rationalization yesterday to buy a new, stable, computer but I can't bring myself to do it. Just have to be hyper careful about backing up my data and saving open files frequently so that I don't lose anything important.

We are most seriously displeased.

hi Mike - wow, I didnt realise it was that problematic....

Heed the cautionary notes to backup your system before updating (what kills me that is that usually I do!)
-Darwin (October 23, 2013, 08:36 AM)
--- End quote ---

that *is* hard luck. Maybe I'll just skip it completely (not even sure if that's possible).

@tomos - re: Win 8.1

Like Darwin I'm seeing unexplained freezes, driver issues (although I expected some of that), and network connectivity issues.

8.1 feels more like a mid-stage beta rather than an RC to me. just my :two:

Stoic Joker:
@Darwin - Looks like we're a pretty close race hardware wise. I've got a Dell laptop about the same age that I rescued from the trash (customer didn't want to pay for HDD replacement and tossed it).

Never saw it run Vista, but 7 was zippy, 8 ran just fine, and 8.1 does seem to take a bit longer to do anything. No BSODs (err...yet), and the sleep function works perfectly. But the WiFi connection does flake a bit (~10% - did with 8 also) when it wakes up. It'll either be slow to connect, forget it has an active gateway, or forget the connection entirely. But a quick reminder of some sort gets it off its ass every time.

I haven't had much time to fiddle with it (work) and was hoping the slowness would go away (yes I know that's rather dumb) after it got done with its initial startup shenanigans ... But I'm going to give it 2 weeks to not piss me off. If it can make it that far without making my want to punch the screen I'll keep it. Otherwise - anytime within the 2 probationary weeks - at the first hint of annoyance I'll be formatting C: ... Probably with a claw hammer. :D

Yup - that's more or less the route that I'm going to take as well - I'm giving it/M$ a couple of weeks to sort this out and if it's still borked I'm formatting and doing a clean install. Haven't decided whether to install 7 or 8 at this point... I'm really hoping that things clear up, though as I simply don't have any desire to start all over... Incidentally, after making my previous post, I went and gave the kids breakfast. When I returned, the computer was patiently waiting for a password - Windows had crashed and shutdown while I was away. AFAICR, no programs were running and it was idle...


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