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A real debate over Mir? This is gonna be good if it ever happens!

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Mr. Shuttleworth "shows his less professional side" in making ad hominem statements against those who dislike Mir.
--- End quote ---

I find this funny. The whole linux community attacked that guy from the start no matter what decision he took. And then when he refuted back, it is ad hominem and libel stuff? lol. So we are supposed to attack any person with such low tone and when that person refutes back then he's unprofessional and we are not? :D Whoa, what a world we live in.

No, my point was that such behavior was unbecoming of folks on BOTH sides, and said nothing about libel.  Mark could have taken the high road and either ignored the attacks altogether or come up with some coherent reasons as to why Mir is technically superior.  But he didn't.  He didn't even "refute back" anything.  Instead, he engaged in the same name-calling his detractors are guilty of.  Personally, I would welcome some well-reasoned arguments in a fairly-moderated point-for-point technical debate, rather than an over-the-internet mud-slinging match.

He has no obligations to defend why he is using Mir. He and his community has all the rights in the world, to decide what is good for the ubuntu. I think debate is pointless. I mean anyone can use their own display server of choice, why defend Weyland and why trash any new display server is beyond me. It's matter of choice. The stunt from KDE people is because they fear adoption of weyland will lack in numbers if the ubuntu and other child distros adopt xmir. There has to be some sort of fear that makes them attack mir and shuttleworth. I don't see a valid argument from non contributing member calling out mir, canonical and ubuntu on fair ground for the choice of using mir. They made their choice of not using ubuntu, weyland and any other stuff, so why chase and attack ubuntu community for their actions?

Apparently we have a serious Ubuntu/Mir admirer among us. ;)

Does anyone else care to comment? :)

LOL No. :D

I just find the whole, "Lets attack on ubuntu for whatever they do" stuff worth commenting. Note: I have made negative comments on ubuntu in the past in this forum. But I never made personal comment against anyone like mark or the other community members. KDE community making such comments by taking shelter of rest of the linux community rained on my nerves. So thought about posting that.  :P


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