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A real debate over Mir? This is gonna be good if it ever happens!

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rained on my nerves. So thought about posting that.
-mahesh2k (October 21, 2013, 05:21 AM)
--- End quote ---

Fair enough.

But you might want to notice that Mark Shuttleworth (who has never been one to mince words) has become increasingly combative in public since the Linux world has stopped automatically praising everything Canonical does and started publicly questioning some of the directions he wants to take Ubuntu.

In many respects Mr. Shuttleworth is starting to sound and act like he wants to be the next Steve Jobs or Larry Ellison clone. And that is not something anybody in the Linux community is going to tolerate or willingly go along with. Especially in a community where even such genuine leading lights as Linus Torvalds and Rick Stallman aren't held to be above criticism when it's felt they've overstepped. To paraphrase Bormir in Lord of the Rings: "Linux has no king. Linux needs no king!"

Perhaps Mark Shuttleworth's comment wasn't meant to be taken so seriously. Perhaps (not being an American) he didn't realize how deadly an insult his "Tea Party" comment might be taken for - as it would be in many social circles.

Either way, a serious debate over the merits of Mir plus Canonical's recent moves to circle the wagons and start setting up Ubuntu as its own thing is worth having. If for no other reason than to clear the air.

I personally hope it happens. 8)

I would love to see a release of ubuntu distros kept side by side in comparison with weyland and xmir implemented. And then compared performance, just for the feel of it. They want to use mir for proprietary licensing then so be it. But comparison is worth doing so that others can see the potential of better product instead of thinking of only in terms of weyland for whole linux community.


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