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Sometimes copied matters donot arrive in Clipboard Help and Spell

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Indeed sometimes a bit slow, I donot have sound on, but I look at the button in the taskbar to see when it arrives in CHS.

Or, the button on the taskbar flashes, so I would think the clip arrived in CHS, but ... nothing, no clip.

Trying a couple of times.

Bottomline I have get the clip from ClipMate,  that is also running.


^ in order to say that this is a problem with CHS, you would have to see if the problem occurs without ClipMate running. See mouser's comment:

sometimes clipboard tools misbehave and prevent others from capturing.
-mouser (October 19, 2013, 09:21 AM)
--- End quote ---


Okay, maybe you are right.
I will disable CM and see what happens.



This time I'm writing a new post for the issue described above, since I found the cause. It's related to openoffice. I had an OpenOffice process stuck, visible only from task manager. I terminated the process and chs became responsive again. Using the option to re-connect clipboard had no effect in this case.


kRs, if you are having a problem with OpenOffice, can you make sure you are running the latest version of CHS?  There is a thread from a while ago about some crazy behavior of OpenOffice and how a recent CHS update was released to accomodate the issue.


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