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Best way to embed a live chat on a webpage?


I'm looking for really nice, convenient ways (for the end-user) to embed a live chat inside a webpage.  Let's say the page has two parts, like frame is showing a live video stream, and the other frame is a live chat.  What's a good way to do that?

Ideally, people would be able to participate in the chat with their desktop/laptop, but also mobile devices (apple, android).  Minimal/none of the annoyances of registration, logins, etc.

Mibbit...look at this, pretty much exactly it!

We use mibbit for the donationcoder irc chat.  It's where you go if you click the "chat" button above.

You can try Comm100 Live Chat. It's easy to install and is cross-platform compatible, including iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry. End users can chat with you just by clicking the chat button.

You can also try eAssistance Pro live chat software which is easily integrated on any type of website (WordPress, Joomla, Zendesk, Drupal, etc)and support BB, Android, iPhone.


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