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Find and Replace Preset


In Excel:

I need to copy part of a column (several cells), and then paste the contents of those cells into one single other cell with the ALT-ENTER character between the value taken from each cell.

So if I had
in three cells, I need to paste A ALT-ENTER B ALT-ENTER C into a single cell.

Am I replacing a {TAB} character? And what would the ALT-ENTER character be?


up front, I am not an Excel expert...

am not sure if this can be solved within the current Clipboard Help and Spell.
under "Modfy Format/Case" one can add \n to lines but not to words.

Anyway, a suggestion only...

I would download a named ASAP Utilities at:
basically it is free
".. you are hereby licensed to use the SOFTWARE without charge in a non-commercial organization or for home-use.
To avoid the use of obsolete SOFTWARE each unregistered version will display an update notice 6 months and expires 9 months after its release."

It installs a plug-in with a lot of handy features.

Within ASAP this is really a piece of cake:
Click ASAP tab, then select Columns & Rows  and then  Merge row data, separated cells by a line break

See below.

Maybe this is what you are looking for?

Good luck!
Find and Replace Preset

Many thanks, but I am still inclined to think that there should be a way to do this within CHS.

I thought perhaps SENDKEYS and trim line ends.

I tried a custom script tool to include a char(10) which ran after trimming line ends.



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