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Complaint & Compliment: 3M Post-it Digital Notes vs ConceptWorld Notezilla

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@app103: From what is said above:
(a) It seems as though 3M did a stupid thing: they delivered an upgrade to 3M's Post-it Software Notes that was not backwards compatible;

(b) Presumably though, the functionality of the latest version is at least as good - if not better - than the previous version.

Would that be true? If you compared old and new 3M's Post-it Software Notes, and then threw in Notezilla to the comparison for good measure, then what would the comparison look like?

Old 3M Post-it notes was much lighter, compatible with older OS's, had ability to send notes over lan to another pc. New one is .NET, uses more resources, less features, most "improvements" that I could see were simply eye candy.

Notezilla, in comparison to 3M Post-it Notes is the superior product with a lot more useful features, less limitations, more flexibility and a much better layout overall.

There are a few things that 3M did better, like the alarm manager, but the benefits of Notezilla outweigh anything I would have got with the best of both versions of 3M's application, combined.

I am glad that you are happy with NoteZilla, April, and sad for you for the way it happened. It is so disappointing when a fine program gets destroyed by idiocy. Just like when DrmRemoval 3.90 a month or two ago was replaced by an entirely different program called DrmRemoval 3.92!! I can assure you, this was maybe one step forward, but two (or four!) steps backwards! And there was no "get old version".


Better late than never  :)

Thanks @app103 (& others) for sharing your experience & the encouragement you provided.

All these really help us to take Notezilla in the right direction.

Gautam Jain


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