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What's up with Flash crashing all the time lately?

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Can't speak for all but I've noticed a recent tendency on my machines for flv to lockup or misload in Firefox (under Linux) when watching YouTube vids - sometimes to the point where the only alternative was to download the vid and watch it with VLC. 

But I suspect thats likely more a YT or FF issue.

Other than that, Flash videos seem to work just fine.

have had some quirks with flash in the last year, but few crashes. FF/Win7 64bit.

edit// not using any flash based chat sites as Tao mentions below

On another site people have reported that the flash based chat site seems to be crashing in Firefox 24.

And I myself have noticed random crashes on misc sites, just without specifically pinning them to Flash.

Well I definitely can't speak for FF 24 since I almost always wait at least a week or 2 before updating to a new version. Too many plugins that could potentially stop working.

but in today's world it's a solution in need of a problem.
-Vurbal (October 16, 2013, 05:07 AM)
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Actually, I think that's backwards.

but in today's world it's a solution problem in need of a problem solution.
-Vurbal (October 16, 2013, 05:07 AM)
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There... much better.  ;D


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