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Universal License Key

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I just made a donation and now. So, how do I access my universal license key?


You should have received two emails by now, a license key email and a thank you email.
They would have been sent to the email address that you have configured in your paypal account.

If you did not receive those emails, check in any spam folder you might have.

Still can't find them, email me ([email protected]) or send me a personal message on the forum by clicking the little square "quote" balloon under my name on the left.

it's actually not that easy to find :-\

Top of page, click on "Software"; there's a link on the left
just try this:

Universal License Key

you should also shortly get an email with details of license

Edit// mouser got there ahead of me ;-)

Quick follow up -- I can see your donation and that the emails were sent.  Yahoo sometimes decides not to deliver our emails for reasons that only yahoo knows..  I'm going to try to resend you the emails now.  If you still don't get them, I can always manually upgrade you on the forum.

Got it... thanks!


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