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Windows Networking, help me understand.

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This thread started out as very interesting to me... Then you folks all apparently switched to another language and lost me.   :(

It all used to be so damn easy. Now I cannot get files to share at all - with two Windows 7 machines. I know damn well that on the previous OS's I could access everything on the other computers in the house. No more. I can access files on my main computer from my wife's, but not the other way around. It's not too bad now that I am down to only two running boxes here. But when I had five it was murder.

Being disabled it ain't easy to find out why my wife is complaining about not being able to find this or that file, or recovering her emails when she unexpectedly lost them. Not when our main boxes are upstairs in our office and I am downstairs on a laptop! Getting up and down is definitely doable for me - but pretty painful. Now we're both on Windows 7 and access is gone. I have been through about every networking article I can find online without success. And I see a LOT of others with similar complaints posting out there too, so I don’t think it's just a problem here. Microsoft has to know that there are a lot of users who are running a simple home network who don’t need all the crap you guys are discussing. (At least I think you are - you all could be talking about space travel for all I can decipher of most of this thread!!   :P )

I know I have had this discussion here before - maybe a year of two ago - and I think the simplest suggestion was to use TeamViewer for file access. Can't remember why I abandoned that one; I know I tried it but didn't have the best results with it. I had a subscription to Go To My PC for a few years but that really just allowed me to access my main computer from others. Doesn’t work the other way around IIRC.

Anyway, thanks for the discussion!   8)



I'm sure the hive mind here at DoCo can get you sorted if you give us some additional info:

1. What are you using for a home router?

2. What are the router's network and wireless settings (excluding any passwords)?

3. On each machine, -

* what specific flavor of Win 7 are you running?
* are you set up for a workgroup or homegroup?
* what are the network settings for your wireless card or NIC
* what are you using for security software? Is it one of those suites or just an anti-malware package?
* are you running a firewall other than the one built into Windows


Stoic Joker:
^4. Do all of the user accounts used have passwords? (blank passwords cause a silent fail for share connections after XP SP2)

^4. Do all of the user accounts used have passwords? (blank passwords cause a silent fail for share connections after XP SP2)
-Stoic Joker (October 18, 2013, 03:12 PM)
--- End quote ---
Oh!  This is interesting.  I think I use blank passwords for one of the machines.  Maybe that's the problem.

there is a setting if your using the Pro version of XP to allow blank passwords.  I usually use gpedit to set this.  let me see if I can find the path for it.


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