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LZIP - When you THINK you've seen it all...

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There's always yet another compression scheme out there, and I just tripped across a TAR.LZ file. Never seen one before. LZH and others, but not this.

Seems to serve a purpose, though not really sure if it's not already been covered before somewhere.

But it does seem somewhat odd to distribute files like that as it adds another step when you need to download then ./configure make just to extract an archive. Oh well. I guess another compression format can't hurt. :P

Seems to have some pretty nifty features. Especially good are its integrity and file recovery capabilities.

Definitely gonna gave to check it out more thoroughly when I get a chance.

Thx for sharing that! :Thmbsup:

It looks like it does pretty much the same as xz (LZMA with a gzip interface), but released under a different license.

-Renegade (October 14, 2013, 07:46 AM)
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And my hobby is taking people's links, and stripping them back to the top page.


Something else to look at!

Seems to have some pretty nifty features. Especially good are its integrity and file recovery capabilities.
-40hz (October 14, 2013, 12:53 PM)
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It seems as though it is aimed squarely at IT pros and sys admins. Definitely not for regular user-land.


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