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Of Superheroes, Remakes, Flashbacks/Forwards/Sideways and more

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But just think of these characters in terms of some gaming systems or worlds.

Call of Cthulhu anyone?
-Renegade (November 21, 2014, 07:54 AM)
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But that's because it's the story not the game that makes the difference.  How does your character go insane?  What is he looking for?  What did he find?  Which then leads into what the other characters/new characters have to deal with from the fallout.

CoC was more of a novelty with me, until the recent spate of storytelling type/narrative games.  Then **** got real.

A few examples of systems/campaigns:

1. Trail of Cthulhu
2. Delta Green (and a whole lot more - including a Free introductory adventure.
3. Tremulus - uses the absolutely awesome Apocalypse World system, which is worth checking out also.

And my favorite...
3. Nemesis with Delta Green - Free.  Definitely worth a read.

There's a lot going on on that front... well worth getting back into it.

^Delta Green is great! Best modern Cthulhu/Conspiracy stuff to date. Extremely clever and logical reconciliation of the Lovecraftian Mythos with modern government conspiracy and UFO theories presented as a techno-thriller. The companion fiction collections are all good reads. :Thmbsup:

FWIW, it any scenario involving Cthulhu, there are NO superheros. Cthulhu is IT. Period. You either have a copy of (or know how to make) the Elder Sign or you don't. If you don't, you're finished. If you do, you get a brief respite since the sign can hold Cthulhu temporarily at bay.

But tomorrow is another day. And Cthulhu, being multidimensional and immortal, has all the time and space he/she/it needs to deal with anybody. And Cthulhu never forgets. ;D

Semi-OT since this character is far from being a superhero. He's more the eternal Everyman.

But Marvel is planning on bringing Howard the Duck back. Yay!

He's got a whole new look:

Of Superheroes, Remakes, Flashbacks/Forwards/Sideways and more

Maybe a little too anthropomorphic this time around, but there you go.

Too bad Disney sued. I thought the original cigar smoking Donald Duck version was priceless:

Of Superheroes, Remakes, Flashbacks/Forwards/Sideways and more

Details here.


I think I am noticing the old series has more campy humor scenes.


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